February Update
February Update
Solomon Kebede; 2014
January Update
January Update
Solomon Kebede; 2014
RiPPLE 2013
RiPPLE 2013 Highlights Revised
Solomon Kebede; 2014
Annual Report
RiPPLE Annual Report for 2012
Knowledge Management and Learning; 2013
Working Paper 24
Towards a regional assessment of self supply potential in SNNPR, Ethiopia
David M J Macdonald; 2012
Working Paper 23
Towards the Ethiopian goal of universal access to rural water: understanding the potential contribution of self supply
Sally Sutton, Eyasu Mamo, John Butterworth, Desta Dimtse; 2011
RiPPLE - Beyond the Water Point
Linking research, policy and practice for sustainable water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia
RiPPLE team; 2011
Working Paper 22
Introduction of the rope pump in SNNPR, and its wider implications
Sally Sutton and Tsegaw Hailu; 2011
Workshop report, May 2011
What next after completing the first National WASH Inventory: suggestions from stakeholders at the national, regional,and woreda level
Katharina Welle and Kristof Bostoen; 2011
Working Paper 21
Water in food security assessment and drought early warning:experience from sub-Saharan Africa with a special focus on Ethiopia
Josephine Tucker, Leulseged Yirgu; 2011
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